Who I Am

tNbIn my professional life I’m a small business financial advisor. I work with entrepreneurs in the early stages as well as with long-standing, established firms. I help lead individuals and management teams through rapid growth phases and I help them prepare to mitigate risk for leaner times.

As a survivor of the 90’s dot-com crash, my background is working with SME cash management systems, debt reduction programs, pro-forma financial modelling, business performance measurement systems, mergers & acquisitions, human resources and business administration. I have experience working with companies in different cultures, speaking different languages, in rapidly changing market economies.

I am energized by enthusiastic entrepreneurs and I am eternally curious.

A Brief Personal History

Originally on the path to study English Literature and Art History, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary in 1990. But a girl’s gotta eat, so I became an accountant.

In my mid-twenties I moved to the Canadian west coast and created a new life for myself in Vancouver. In my early thirties I took some time out from the technology industry and spent several months exploring SE Asia. In my mid-thirties I joined a group of German vintage motorcycle sidecar enthusiasts and rode from Italy to the Tunisian Sahara Desert and back. In my late thirties I went on my first trip with my (now) husband and survived post-tsunami Sri Lanka during another wave of civil war. In my early forties I finally felt ready for the adventure of love and marriage when I moved to Portugal where I eventually became a wife and stepmother. I am now exploring life in Britain and continue to embrace the art of knitting, writing, photography and travel with friends and family as often as possible.

I’ve worked with and learned from some incredibly talented people and I’ve been lucky to have excellent mentors along the way. I’ve enjoyed several decades of learning, enjoying success, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes.

And I look forward to learning so much more.