I Believe …

… that the world needs more curious entrepreneurs who truly understand why their businesses exist, who understand that “what” and “how” are meaningless without “why”.

… that successful people know when to ask for help. Founders very rarely have all the skills or knowledge they need to tackle every aspect of a growing business.

… that if you fail to plan, you are most likely planning to fail.

… that poor cash management is one of the most common reasons for insomnia among small business owners.

… that small businesses need to be resourceful; the CEO is often mopping the floor just as often as making sales pitches.

… that decisions are best made with accurate, timely and relevant information. I’m old-school that way.

… that what we can measure we can manage.

… that it’s good to take risks but it’s also good to manage those risks.

… that equal work deserves equal pay, regardless of gender.

(Photo courtesy of Mark Crockett Photography)